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Many laws in the state’s criminal code aim to protect vulnerable members of society. This includes children who cannot defend themselves or remove themselves from dangerous situations. Even if no direct harm comes to a child, the law still allows police officers to arrest individuals who allegedly place kids in harm’s way.

Many situations and misunderstandings can result in charges related to the abuse or neglect of a child. When you face these severe allegations, you need help from a Gilbert child abuse lawyer who can handle your case the right way and fight to protect your best interests. Talk to the dedicated attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group today about a defense strategy to preserve your future.

Allegations of Intentionally Inflicting Harm on a Child

The most serious examples of child abuse in Gilbert are those that allege intentionally harming a child. Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3623 outlines charges for child abuse involving the intentional infliction of physical or mental harm to a child under the age of 15. The harshest charges allege aggravated battery or deliberate infliction of severe bodily or mental harm on a child.

Encouraging another person to inflict these injuries can also lead to charges. In addition, cases may allege that a person allowed a child to suffer an injury due to reckless or negligent behavior. These are still felonies where convictions come with mandatory prison sentences.

Child abuse convictions can be as high as a Class 2 felony depending on the circumstances. This means that a first-time conviction with mitigating factors could lead to a minimum prison sentence of three years. If aggravating factors are present in the case, this term may be as long as 12.5 years. Our Gilbert attorneys can assist those facing intentional and negligence-based child abuse charges and work to mitigate the potential penalties.

Unintentionally Placing a Child in Harm’s Way

Causing intentional harm to a child can result in severe consequences. However, allegedly placing a kid in a dangerous situation can also give police probable cause to make an arrest.

An arrest and prosecution can result even when a child does not suffer actual harm. This broad concept means that a person may face severe charges for various scenarios—for example, alleged reckless driving with a child in the vehicle. The child abuse lawyers at our firm can build a strong defense tailored to the specific charges and resolve any misunderstandings that may have led to an arrest.

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Protecting children is one of the primary goals of the criminal justice system. Not only can police arrest those they accuse of causing actual harm to children, but they may even arrest you if they suspect that you have placed a child under the mere threat of harm. This can lead to complex legal situations that require help from a Gilbert child abuse lawyer.

The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group are ready to help you throughout the legal process. Whether you face allegations of intentional abuse, neglect, or situations related to dangerous events, we will fight to protect your rights and freedoms. Contact us today to discuss your charges.

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