Defending Against Child Abuse Charges in Citrus Park

You have been accused of child abuse and have no idea what to do next. Do not panic. We recommend calling Grand Canyon Law Group immediately and speaking to a trustworthy child abuse defense attorney like Ryan McPhie. Our team analyzes your case and looks for the best way to defend against child abuse charges in Citrus Park.

Behavior That Constitutes Child Abuse

Child abuse refers to anything that puts a child’s health, welfare, or morale in danger of being harmed. There is a whole range of child abuse statutes, ranging misdemeanors, all the way up to a Class 2 felony or even homicide if the child loses their life. The classification of child abuse depends on the act that is committed and also the result of that act.

If somebody endangers a child in a way that does not put them in jeopardy of death or serious physical injury, that may be charged as a misdemeanor like simple injury endangerment. Charges that are more serious, like recklessly causing the injury to a child or exposing the child to some circumstance that puts them in harm’s way, can be charged as a Class 6 felony. It could possibly be a Class 4 felony if it involves actions that are more substantial but still not life threatening.

On the other hand, if the abuse puts the child in danger of death or a serious physical injury, that could be only a Class 2 felony and considered a dangerous crime against children, if that child is under age 15. Those types of domestic violence crimes have serious consequences that could put a person in prison for many years.

Evidence Required to Prove Abuse

There is a wide array of evidence that could be used to prove child abuse. It will often involve photographs, as well as medical examinations and records. If a child has a broken bone or bruising, those injuries will be documented and investigated for the cause. There might be medical testimony from nurses or physicians, or from a medical examiner in the event of a death. Other possible evidence includes statements from witnesses, video footage, or other pieces of evidence preserved on somebody’s phone or social media, or even statements by the suspect themselves.

Benefits of a Lawyer

There is so much that a Citrus Park lawyer can do when defending against a child abuse charge. That includes being present for the release conditions and participating in the investigation. Even before a person is arrested, and police want to talk to the suspect or set up a one-party consent call, lawyers can prevent that from happening, and prevent the client from being interviewed or making incriminating statements.

If charges do get filed, lawyers want to be present at the initial appearance to argue for a client’s release and for better release conditions. From there, they represent their clients throughout the duration of the case. Attorneys want to get their hands on police reports, videos, photos, or any other evidence that may exist. They can scrutinize that evidence and get experts involved who could cast light on the problems with using that evidence.

In many situations, claims of child abuse are exaggerated or fake, especially in circumstances where there is a contested divorce or custody situation. It is not uncommon for a spouse to make false accusations at the other spouse, sometimes through their children, to get leverage in family court. There is a ton that can be done to assist the person and to mitigate those circumstances so they do not end up with a punishment that changes the rest of their life.

How Does an Attorney Build a Defense?

Attorneys in Citrus Park should put together their own evidence that defends against the child abuse charge. They may want to interview different witnesses, call different experts, or critically evaluate the state’s evidence to poke holes in it. In a situation where a child is injured, while the state may have a theory about how that injury occurred, a lawyer could provide a different theory. It may be that the injury was an accident, caused by somebody else, or the result of the child accidently hurting themselves.

The key is to work closely with the client, look at the evidence, scrutinize it, and come up with ways to attack the case.

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