Consequences of Child Abuse Charges in Citrus Park

While you might not think you are at risk of any adverse effects of simply being accused of a crime, there are certainly consequences of child abuse charges in Citrus Park that you need to be aware of. Whether short-term or long-term, you need to be extremely careful about how you proceed. Ask our child abuse defense attorneys, like Ryan McPhie, for help when you are facing these serious charges.

What Happens After an Instance of Child Abuse is Reported?

After child abuse is reported, the police will come in and do an investigation. Sometimes there is a delay in the reporting, meaning the abuse occurred but does not get reported for some time. This might happen when a parent physically abuses the child and nobody reports it at the time, but a school teacher sees the bruises at school some days later. When patrol officers respond, they will take an initial report, which will get forwarded to detectives who conduct an investigation, which may include taking photographs and a medical exam. Then, the detective will generally want to interview the suspect as well. They will eventually send the case into the district’s attorney’s office for potential charges.

Potential Immediate Consequences

There are number of immediate consequences when someone in Citrus Park is charged with child abuse. Similar to incidents of domestic violence, a suspect could be arrested right away, booked into jail, and have an initial appearance in front of a judge and determine their release conditions.

Judges generally impose stricter release conditions on child abuse situations, especially those involving serious injury or sexual abuse. Judges are not afraid to impose high bonds on people or significant contact restrictions, like putting them in an electronic ankle monitor to make sure they will not go to places they should not be at.

Potential Long-Term Consequences

If someone is convicted for a serious child abuse felony, they could go to prison for years, and in some cases, the rest of their life. In other less serious cases, they could be on probation for 10 to 15 years, or perhaps even for life. In instances of sexual abuse of a child, the person may serve a prison sentence, but then they might have to be out on lifetime probation and register as a sex offender.

How Can the Result of a Criminal Child Abuse Case Affect a Civil Case?

There are also some less-obvious consequences to a child abuse charge in Citrus Park. The evidence used in a criminal conviction can be used in a civil case, although a civil case does not always happen. For example, if a teacher abuses a student and is convicted, and the school knew about that teacher’s history or potential for causing injury, the student or a group of parents could file a lawsuit against the school – or potentially against the defendant. The evidence of the teacher’s criminal conduct could then be used as civil claim evidence.

If someone is found liable in civil court for some type of abuse or other issue, it is possible that information could be used in a criminal case. The burden is higher in the criminal case (it must be beyond a reasonable doubt), so just because someone is found liable in civil court, it does not automatically make them guilty in criminal court. Typically, a civil case will follow a criminal one, not the other way around.

Can a Child File for a Protective Order?

Generally, a child cannot file for a protective order by themselves. If a criminal case is pending, a court can order release conditions that prevent the defendant from having any contact with the child victim. Additionally, a parent or another adult guardian can petition a court for an order of protection and name the child as one of the protected parties so the defendant cannot have any contact with the child, their home, school, or wherever else they typically frequent.

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