Role of a Lawyer in Chandler Sex Crime Cases

The laws in Arizona are strict on sex crimes and contain some of the harshest punishments compared to other jurisdictions in the United States. This gives prosecutors significant power to control the defendant and their decision-making. When you are accused of a sexual offense, you face stiff, potentially life-changing penalties.

A skilled attorney can make all the difference in your ability to protect your rights and preserve your future. The role of a lawyer in Chandler sex crime cases is to understand your side of the story, discuss your goals, and build an effective defense to minimize the consequences you face. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we believe you have a way of life worth saving.

Legal Challenges in Sexual Offense Cases

Working with a Chandler attorney is crucial to understand the potential challenges in a sex crime case. When the prosecution has a strong case, a lawyer’s job is to be creative in assessing every possible strategy. The seasoned attorneys at our firm can successfully argue certain defenses that less experienced attorneys may not see or recognize.

Understanding what challenges the prosecution faces is also crucial. As our legal team can attest, the state’s evidence is often lacking in sex crime cases. The role of a dedicated defense attorney is to find the weaknesses in the case and work to minimize the sexual offense charges—or even get them dismissed.

Building a Defense with a Sex Crimes Lawyer

Our Chandler attorneys can employ many strategies in a sex crimes case. For one, we could analyze the police investigation to see if they had sufficient information to serve search warrants. If the warrants are founded on insufficient evidence, we could get certain pieces of evidence excluded. Our legal team can also look into computer forensics for charges involving online sex crimes like child pornography possession.

In some cases, the police may use improper interrogation techniques or tactics to obtain an admission from the suspect. They might fail to advise the suspect of their rights or overreach in their investigation. An attorney’s role is to protect the suspect’s Constitutional rights and build a sex crimes defense around any violations.

What to Look for in a Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Those accused of sexual offenses need to work with an attorney knowledgeable in this specialized area of law. It is important to look for someone with significant experience handling these cases. The role of a sex crimes attorney is to understand the applicable laws, explain the potential sentencing, and advise the defendant on the best possible defense strategy.

Additionally, finding legal counsel with the right connections and relationships is essential. Our Chandler lawyers work with experts at various stages of a sex crimes case, from examining computers to conducting defendant evaluations to assessing the medical evidence. Grand Canyon Law Group is also made up of former prosecutors who know how the prosecution operates in these cases. We can put this training and experience to work for defendants.

Let a Chandler Lawyer Take the Lead in Your Sex Crime Case

When you are under investigation for a sexual offense, you need to consult with legal counsel before answering any questions from law enforcement. Without representation, the likelihood of incriminating yourself is high. The police are looking for any statements to serve their interests and secure a conviction.

The role of a lawyer in Chandler sex crime cases is to protect you and your rights from the people who are not on your side. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we believe you have a way of life worth fighting for. Contact us today to learn how we can work to preserve your future.

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