What to Know About DUIs in Chandler

When you face allegations of intoxicated driving, it may be your first encounter with the legal system. These cases involve many legal nuances that can be difficult to navigate without representation from an experienced attorney.

Luckily, you do not have to face the charges alone. A skilled lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain what to know about DUIs in Chandler and work to protect your rights. The better prepared you are for the legal proceedings, the better your chances of a successful outcome.

Patrolling for DUIs in Chandler

Police officers often find locations like bars and restaurants that are common spots for intoxicated driving. They may watch people walk to their cars and follow them down the road, observing their behavior. If they feel the person is impaired or witness a driving violation, they will pull the driver over to investigate for DUI.

During a DUI investigation, the police may request a breath or field sobriety test. Knowing what to expect from a DUI stop can help drivers protect their rights and effectively navigate the situation.

Can I Be Arrested for DUI If I Wasn’t Driving?

Suppose no one saw the allegedly impaired person driving. In that case, the state must prove that the person drove to that location or that they were about to drive the vehicle. The prosecution might look at whether the person was sitting in the driver’s seat, whether the keys were in the ignition, and whether the car was in drive.

In DUI cases where the car is stationary, the prosecution must prove that the defendant was in actual physical control of the vehicle. Our Chandler attorneys can further explain what constitutes “driving” in a DUI case and build a strong defense for the circumstances. For instance, we can argue that the state cannot prove the defendant was going to drive the vehicle. The person may have been resting in the car or waiting to call a ride.

Intoxicated Driving Off the Road

Many people do not know that DUIs can occur off the road. Many intoxicated driving charges occur on boats, known as “operating under the influence” (OUI). Although many of these cases follow the same laws and penalties, there are some key differences.

For one, there is no MVD or ADOT portion for operating under the influence cases. The officers that enforce OUIs are generally less experienced at handling DUI investigations, so there are often many opportunities for defense. Those facing intoxicating driving charges on the water should consult our Chandler attorneys on what to know about their cases.

Learn About Chandler DUIs from Our Skilled Legal Team

Understanding your rights as a driver is important, especially when you are pulled over. However, nothing can replace legal counsel from an experienced attorney when facing DUI charges. In this situation, it is best to consult a lawyer as early as possible to prepare for the proceedings and build a strong defense against the allegations.

Grand Canyon Law Group is here to explain what to know about DUIs in Chandler to navigate the legal proceedings effectively. Our skilled attorneys have significant experience handling these cases and will fight to preserve your rights. Contact us today to discuss your situation.

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