Protective Orders in Chandler

Under Arizona law, a protective order restricts a person’s ability to contact somebody else or go to a certain location. A person alleging domestic violence or harassment may go to court to receive an order of protection. It does not take a high standard of proof to receive an order, but anyone who has an order issues against them as the right to challenge it.

If you have been served an order of protection, or if you need protection from an abuser, you deserve representation from a dedicated defense attorney at the Grand Canyon Law Group. Our lawyers can explain protective orders in Chandler and help you navigate these difficult situations. You have a way of life worth protecting, so get the legal help you need as soon as possible.

Circumstances for an Order of Protection

If there is a recent accusation of harassment or domestic violence, a court may grant a protective order for the alleged victim. Generally, the events must have occurred within the past year. However, if a judge believes that domestic violence could occur in the near future, they may grant an order of protection even if nothing has happened yet.

Any person who is an alleged victim of domestic violence or harassment may apply for a protective order. Additionally, a parent or guardian may seek a protective order on behalf of a child.

How Long Does a Protective Order Last?

The order stays in place for a year from the date when it is served. If the accused person challenges the order of protection, they will go in front of a judge to argue their case. The judge must find a preponderance of the evidence for the alleged domestic violence to justify the order.

A persistent attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group can help an accused individual challenge a protective order in Chandler court. Alternatively, those who need safety from their current situation should reach out to our legal team as soon as possible for help securing a protective order.

Types of Protective Measures in Chandler

The most common legal measure in domestic violence cases is an order of protection. This typically involves two parties who had a domestic relationship at one point. Less common is an injunction against harassment. This could involve parties who were not in a domestic relationship, such as co-workers or neighbors.

In either scenario, our experienced local attorneys can help a person seek the appropriate court order for their situation, be it domestic violence or a form of harassment, such as stalking. Those who are falsely accused of these offenses should also reach out to our legal team for help challenging protective orders and getting them dismissed or overturned.

Call a Chandler Attorney to Learn More About Protective Orders

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we represent both people seeking orders of protection and those challenging them. As former prosecutors who now serve as dedicated defense attorneys, we understand both legal sides and can use this knowledge to effectively represent clients in a wide variety of circumstances.

No matter your situation, you deserve the best legal representation to advocate on your behalf. To learn more about protective orders in Chandler, call us today and set up a consultation.

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