Defending a Domestic Violence Case in Chandler

A domestic violence arrest or accusation can be terrifying and overwhelming. You might want to explain your situation or defend yourself to the police to resolve the charges as quickly as possible. However, talking to the police before consulting a skilled lawyer can be a huge mistake.

Defending a domestic violence case in Chandler is difficult without significant legal experience. Without an attorney to protect your rights and best interests, you might say something incriminating or otherwise hurt your case. Let Grand Canyon Law Group explain your options and tailor an effective defense to your situation.

Evidence for Preparing a Domestic Violence Defense

The first step after an arrest is to contact an attorney. A seasoned Chandler lawyer could begin gathering evidence that may help build a strong domestic violence defense. Our firm will collect all text messages, statements, police reports, medical records, and photographs to evaluate avenues for defending the case.

Evidence is presented at multiple stages of a domestic violence case, including plea negotiations, pretrial proceedings, and trial. When introducing evidence, the prosecutor and defense lawyer must prove its relevancy and authenticity.

Defending Against the Prosecution’s Case

The skilled attorneys at our Chandler office can defend against evidence that may harm the defendant’s case and work to get it dismissed. For example, suppose the police interview the defendant without reading their Miranda rights. Our defense lawyers can file motions to exclude that evidence from the domestic violence trial. In some situations, we may be able to file a pre-trial motion questioning the relevancy of a witness’s testimony.

Common Defenses in Domestic Abuse Cases

One of the most common defense strategies in Chandler domestic violence cases is self-defense. Self-defense is any act responding to adequate force or provocation to defend oneself, one’s property, or another person. Our local attorneys are also experienced in arguing actual innocence or third-party defenses to family violence charges. We may also defend a case by highlighting a lack of evidence or victim cooperation.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our former prosecutors know the law, courts, prosecutors, and processes involved in these cases. Having defended countless domestic abuse charges in Chandler, we can use this knowledge to tailor effective defenses for our clients. As soon as a defendant reaches out to us, we will listen to their story to understand their goals and expectations for the case. No two domestic abuse cases are the same, so it is crucial for a defense strategy to fit the unique facts of the situation.

Contact a Chandler Lawyer for Your Domestic Violence Defense

You may think your domestic abuse charge resulted from a misunderstanding or an overblown situation. Still, it is crucial to take the allegations seriously and contact legal counsel immediately. Trying to handle the situation on your own is a recipe for disaster.

Defending a domestic violence case in Chandler is much easier with help from an attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group. We know what it takes to have a successful outcome and are prepared to dedicate the time and effort your case deserves. Call us today to set up a consultation and explore your legal options.

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