Consequences of Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charges Under ARS 13–3601

Domestic abuse is a serious allegation, and those accused may not know the severity of the consequences. ARS 13-3601 is an Arizona statute that defines domestic violence offenses and outlines the possible penalties. A violation under this law can be considered a misdemeanor with various consequences.

Definition of Domestic Violence Under ARS 13-3601

Under Arizona law, domestic violence is defined by the relationship between the alleged aggressor and victim. The statute lists the relationships that may categorize a charge as domestic violence. A domestic violence classification can be added to other criminal offenses such as aggravated assault, sexual assault, and child endangerment.

ARS 13-3601 also states that domestic violence is a dangerous crime, meaning the accused person can be arrested with or without a warrant. A person can be arrested for domestic abuse if law enforcement has probable cause to believe the crime has occurred. This is also true for domestic violence allegations involving physical injury or threats with a deadly weapon.

Misdemeanor Penalties Under ARS 13-3601

ARS 13-3601 defines domestic abuse as a Class 1 misdemeanor—the most severe misdemeanor charge in Arizona. Penalties for a domestic violence misdemeanor depend on if it is a first or repeated offense. A Class 1 misdemeanor charge can be punishable by up to six months in jail.

However, in some instances, domestic violence charges can lead to further penalties depending on the facts of the case. Aggravated penalties include longer jail time or mandatory completion of a domestic violence offender treatment program. In addition to charges, a person accused of domestic abuse may face an order of protection that limits their movement and freedom.

Discuss ARS 13–3601 with a Domestic Violence Attorney

It is important to understand the potential penalties under ARS 13-3601 and fight back against misdemeanor domestic violence charges in Arizona. Domestic violence allegations can significantly impact your life. Contact the experienced attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group to learn how our lawyers can create a strategic defense for your case.

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