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Arizona is known for relatively lax gun laws, but that does not mean prosecutors will not aggressively pursue charges involving the unsafe use of firearms. From using these weapons without justification to selling them to unauthorized individuals, a conviction on these charges can have a major impact on your life.

When you have been arrested for a firearms-related offense, the support of a seasoned criminal defense attorney could be valuable to you. The right strategy could help you avoid a conviction and protect your constitutional rights. The stakes are high – call Grand Canyon Law Group TODAY let an Avondale gun lawyer help you navigate the criminal justice system.

Examples of Weapons Offenses

Arizona law includes a wide range of gun crimes. Defendants in these cases face significant legal jeopardy, including incarceration, fines, and the loss of constitutional rights. An Avondale gun attorney could develop a viable defense strategy for any of these allegations.

Unlawful Discharge

Many gun arrests involve firing or using a weapon in a way that is prohibited by law. In some cases, this involves firing a gun in a place where it is prohibited to do so, like a school or government building. Other circumstances might involve discharging a weapon while impaired or when other people are present. Using these weapons for self-defense does not qualify.

Felon Possessing a Firearm

Felons are prohibited from owning guns. When a person possesses or uses a weapon after being convicted of a felony, they could face additional charges.

Defacing a Firearm

There are regulations on how a firearm can be altered. This charge typically deals with attempts to destroy the serial number that must be included with these weapons. This is usually done to cover up a crime, so prosecutors have been known for aggressively pursuing convictions in these cases. Our team has former prosecutors who know how these charges might be pursued. Reach out to us for insight.

How Guns Impact Other Criminal Charges

Some of the steepest consequences occur when a person commits a crime while using or possessing a firearm. Known as an aggravating factor, the possession of these weapons can result in steeper criminal penalties compared to the standard version of an offense.

One of the most common examples is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. As a baseline, assault is treated as a misdemeanor that carries a maximum jail term of one year. When the aggravating factor of using a firearm is present, the charge becomes a Class 3 felony. Another common example involves the use of these weapons during the commission of a theft.

Restoring Rights After a Conviction

A conviction for a gun charge can result in the loss of constitutional rights, including the right to own a gun. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to have these privileges restored. Restoration is only available in limited situations that an Avondale gun attorney could assist with.

Typically, only first-time offenders are eligible to apply for the return of their rights, but there are also exclusions when the charge involves certain serious offenses. The process requires a person convicted of an offense to file a petition in the Superior Court where the case was initially heard.

Call an Avondale Gun Attorney Today for Representation

An arrest for a gun charge is a serious matter, and if convicted, you could be facing time behind bars, steep monetary fines, and other penalties. You can fight these charges, and an Avondale gun lawyer could help you every step of the way. Call today to learn more from the Grand Canyon Law Group.

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