Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona

Domestic violence charges can have particularly devastating effects that people often do not realize until it is too late. Without the right attorney, individuals might make decisions in their case without having a real understanding of how this decision may affect their future. This is why it is crucial to work with a skilled lawyer who has experience defending individuals against domestic violence charges in Arizona.

With the right lawyer on your side, you can fight your charges and minimize the damage the case has on your life. A knowledgeable attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group can walk you through your defense options and ensure your rights are protected.

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

There are various serious and immediate consequences that come with a domestic violence conviction. These include a prohibition against possessing a firearm, required completion of classes, fines, potentially jail, a criminal record, probation, and restrictions on where someone can go and who they can contact. Domestic violence convictions come with long-term consequences as well. These include damage to one’s ability to find a job, possess a firearm, and obtain housing. A conviction of this nature can also be incredibly damaging to a person’s reputation overall.

Because the effects of a domestic violence conviction can be so severe, it is crucial to begin preparing a defense to the charges as soon as possible. An experienced Arizona attorney can review the facts of a case to put together the best defense against an individual’s domestic violence charges.

Essential Evidence When Preparing a Defense in a Domestic Violence Case

When constructing a defense in a domestic violence case, it is helpful to have evidence that demonstrates the history of a relationship and the facts of what happened during the alleged encounter. This could include text messages, video and audio recordings, and other types of personal statements. It is best for an accused to avoid speaking with police, as they could accidentally provide incriminating evidence in their attempt to explain the situation.

A domestic violence defense attorney in Arizona can make discovery demands throughout the process to obtain any evidence that the State or the prosecution may have against the defendant. An attorney can also subpoena other information or evidence that might exist, from other sources, such as surveillance camera footage. Using this evidence, a lawyer can demonstrate that a defendant’s actions did not constitute domestic violence.

Possible Defenses in a Domestic Violence Case

There are a number of potential defenses that a skilled attorney can utilize against domestic violence charges. Some of the most common defenses include:

  • Lack of sufficient evidence
  • Hearsay
  • Self-defense
  • Defense of others
  • Defense of property
  • Lack of a participating witness or victim

Each case is different, and no two defenses are exactly the same. A skilled Arizona attorney can explain the defenses available against domestic violence charges and help an individual determine what makes sense for their particular situation.

Speak with an Arizona Lawyer About Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona

When defending against domestic violence charges, it is critical to work with an experienced local attorney, like those at Grand Canyon Law Group. We know the prosecutors and judges, are familiar with what the normal processes in these cases are, and are ready to fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Do not attempt to defend your domestic violence charges on your own. You have legal options available, and we are ready to walk you through them. Call our office today to discuss defenses for domestic violence charges in Arizona with a dedicated member of our legal team.

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